I Was Robbed And No One Tried To Help

 “If you know something ALWAYS say something, I would rather have my friend mad at me for opening my mouth, than to have the aching pain in my chest knowing that she is 6 feet under the ground.”

The Story Of Addiction, The Common Thief

Addiction is a sad disease, I know there are articles going around discussing that addiction isn’t a disease and that people are just lazy, but, contrary to popular beliefs, scientists went to school far many years more than any of you posting those articles did. I think they may know a little bit more than you do on the subject. It is true that addiction takes over parts of your brain and causes an obsession and that is when an addict’s life takes a turn for the worst. Addiction has no shame and takes prisoner of anyone within reach. Addiction is a criminal, it steals over and over again and never pays any price. Yes, essentially an addict makes their own decisions, but the addiction hangs out on the shoulder of each addict egging them on towards the wrong decision repeatedly. Imagine having an older brother that tells the younger sibling to do something that will get him in trouble, the older brother gets to sit back and watch while the youngest takes the heat for his actions, because essentially, those were his actions, even if he was persuaded by another person, ultimately, he still made the choice.

What is so unfair in all of this is that addiction doesn’t receive any punishment. Addiction doesn’t get kicked out of the family, addiction doesn’t get their kids taken away, addiction doesn’t pass away at a very young age, the addict does. In my 25 years of life I have been robbed by addiction more times than I can count on one my fingers and toes. The sad part: I am an innocent bystander. I am not an addict myself,I have never even dabbled, I have never been in trouble, I haven’t even experienced detention! Something that I am blessed with is a high intolerance to pain medication, even when I had knee surgery I couldn’t take any medicine because it made me violently ill. If I could wish this on every person in the world I would.

The question I am constantly asking myself, “Why is this happening to me?” How am I, a girl that gets great grades, barely goes out for a drink, and keeps to myself, going through this constantly. The answer is that addiction is an epidemic, it is everywhere. It doesn’t matter who you are, how great your family is, or what you look like. Addiction does not care, it will latch on to anyone it can. Life continues to prove this to me over and over again. Recently it has shown to me its evil ways in the passing of one of my best friends. My best friend was just like me when I met her, we were basically sidekicks. We spent our evenings looking after our other friends that were  making bad choices,at times it felt like we hung out to make sure they were safe more than for us to have a good time. The two of us lectured our friends constantly about making a change in their lives and some chose to listen and others chose not to. But Hey! That wouldn’t affect us.. that was their lives not ours right?! Wrong.

After I moved to Texas my best friend got caught up in her own bad decisions. But, what she was doing was worse than anything we ever looked down on, my friend became addicted to heroin. I noticed small changes in her personality, but not enough to raise red flags for me because she was a good hider and I was so far away. She came to visit me in Texas, we got into an argument and she had her flight changed and left early. It was a little while after this that I found out that she was using and by the time I found out she was clean. Now, like I said, this was not her personality at all so I was floored for her to tell me this, I almost didn’t believe her because I couldn’t imagine her in this lifestyle. But thats really the whole point of this article, NO ONE IS IMMUNE. My best friend was a successful business owner with an amazing heart and always put everyone before herself, she was not someone you would ever imagine labeling as a drug addict.

When my best friend relapsed, almost no one knew. Everyone thought she was doing amazing, this includes all of her closest best friends and family. But the hardest pill to swallow is that not everyone was blind to what was going on.  There were people who knew what was going on, and they kept silent. Had anyone of her best friends known, had anyone in her family known, my best friend might still be here. Like I said, addiction is a thief, it robs people of moments, love, happiness, and the saddest of them all is that much too frequently it robs people of their lives. They say that if you witness criminal activity and ignore it, you are just as guilty as the criminal right? So what makes knowing that addiction is stealing a person’s life any different? If you know something ALWAYS say something, I would rather have my friend mad at me for opening my mouth, than to have this aching pain in my chest knowing that she is 6 feet under the ground.


  1. Tasha says:

    It’s too bad you had to lose someone you were soo close to. Hopefully this article helps others to not turn a blind eye and help those that need it.

  2. Paolina Wehbe says:

    I am with you, addiction is a problem difficult to remove and it is important to have a support group whether family, friends or an anonymous group, a person does not leave an addiction alone. I am a student of psychology and this subject of addictions interests me a lot since it is very frequent and is affecting in a negative way the people who consume

  3. Anmaria Djong says:

    I think most of us tend to have addiction in some sort..some maybe shopping, some maybe watching movie, play games. Whatever it is, as long as we can’t control it and we let it control our life.it calls addiction.

  4. lisa says:

    Wow! Thank you for sharing. I am also dealing with a friend that is struggling with addiction and i couldn’t believe it. You are right no one is immune!

  5. lisa says:

    Wow! Thank you for sharing. I am also dealing with a friend that is struggling with addiction and i couldn’t believe it. You are right no one is immune!

  6. Shannon Burlingame says:

    I agree with Anmaria. For some people its drugs or alcohol and others its sugar or being on their phone constantly. I feel like most people are addicted to something no matter how small or harmless you think it might be.

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