Parents, They Won’t Hate You Forever.


When I was a teenager, my mom was always WRONG. As much as I hated to admit it at the time, she never actually was. It didn’t hit me until she was correct for about the millionth time. But why should I should take her advice? I told myself, “she’s old, she has no idea what I am going through.” But all of my reasons why I shouldn’t listen to her blinded me. Everything she was saying always came to fruition. All of the warnings. She was just trying to protect me. Parents, don’t give up. Don’t bail on your morals. My mom was never the mom to be “Best friends” with us. My mom waited.. She raised us right and now is reaping the benefits. She has children that absolutely love and respect her. NOW that I am an adult, I consider my mom one of my best friends.

Be tough, don’t let them take the easy way out.

My mother was the mom every kid in the neighborhood was a little bit scared of. This woman would give you the shirt off of her back if you needed it, but she would never let people get away with things that weren’t right, especially if they involved my brother or myself. She instilled in us that it is important to be a good all around person we were taught that lying was the worst thing you could do to a person. But she also believed that if a child was doing something unsafe or that could get them into trouble, it was her job as an adult and mother to stop it.

So, yes.. I got spanked as a child, and I turned out fine! My brother, my sister, and I have all seen red marks from the wooden spoon and that spoon taught us some valuable life lessons. My mother never abused me, she disciplined me and I appreciate her for it. To this day I am still respectful of my mom, I don’t raise my voice at her and I especially don’t curse in her presence. Not only do I feel respect for my mom I also feel safe with my mom, if I spend the night at her house I some how feel safer, like her 59 year old self would be able to take down an intruder better than I would. UNLIKELY but its how protected my mom makes me feel.

Never give up on giving your input.

This is one thing my mom has never stopped doing. Even to this day if I am making an adult decision my mom doesn’t agree with she will let me know. This is important, as much as parents think their voices go in one ear and out the other, they don’t. Your voice resonates in our heads, to the point where sometimes we forget it was our moms suggestion. So as much as you don’t believe it, and we act like we have everything under control without your voice, we are listening. I have been giving my mom hell lately about the decisions I have been making, but every time she tells me something as strong as I argue with her about it, I always end up doing what she suggested.

If they don’t want to hang out with you, make them.

I am an adult now. My mom isn’t getting any younger. I regret all of the times she has asked me to do something with her and I said no.. even going to the grocery store is stocking up more memories with her that I wouldn’t have otherwise. Right now I am in school and working a lot but I see her everyday. I call her between 3-50 times a day depending on circumstances. As a teenager, everything in the world was more important than going to the grocery store with my mom. That’s because the thought of losing your mom is not even on your radar. So, if you have to steal their time, kisses, or hugs, do it because they will value them way more than they can even understand at this point.

Most importantly, be parents to them.

I appreciate everything my mom has done for me. She has been there on my worst day to pick me up and my best day to keep my feet on the ground. I am the person I am incredibly proud to have become because of all my mother has done for me. I apologize for what I have put her through in all my years of being a bratty child, and I am glad she never sold me because there were definitely times I have given her a run for her money. When I think of my mom I just feel blessed that she is mine, God gave me this amazing woman because he knew just how much I actually needed her. I love you mom and I envy your beautiful heart and your inner strength that could move mountains.


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  1. Hang Around The World says:

    I don’t usually read this type of post but I have to say that I found your blog post interesting. The quote never give up on giving your input is one my favorite. Thank you for your words 🙂 -A.

  2. Mandy Allen says:

    Yes, sometimes we can wish we had taken the opportunity to share those moments. I am lucky because I care for my mum and have done for 20 years now so we do lots together because without me she can’t do anything for herself.

    Enjoy the journey!

  3. Gloria Harvley says:

    I loved this! Especially the comment about how you feel safer sleeping at your moms house even with the age. I totally agree with it! My mom is amazing and I just want to go hug her now.

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