You Can’t Regret Something That Taught A Lesson.


Lesson learned:  If you don’t laugh at yourself, you won’t survive, because embarrassment can eat you alive!

      The definition of regret is “a feeling of sadness, repentance, or disappointment over something that has happened or been done.” This alone explains why it is silly to have any, because the event has already happened!  A person will drive them self crazy trying to go back in time. The time machine has not yet been invented. Thoughts of what you would or should have done differently can be treacherous. The most important thing is to make sure you learn from all of your mistakes. This way you can change the choices you make for the next time. To prove that you can get through anything I have compiled a list. Here is my top 5 most embarrassing moments and how I got through them without regrets.

   1. The Microphone Incident

As a child I was always into singing. I thought I was going to be the next Britney Spears. Don’t judge I was a child when she was a goddess to most children. I grew up in the choir program at school, church, and I took singing lessons. That being said, I never missed a chance to try out for a solo… Lets flash back to fourth grade. I was chosen for a solo in Do-Re-Mi  from the sound of music. Because there were so many kids we all had our own note. Mine was “Fa a long long way to run.” After singing my line I was placed in the center at the microphone. We finished the chorus of the song, all of the other kids lined on either side of me.

Once we finished the song, and to us we killed it.. My teacher said, ” Okay everyone, its time to take a bow.” And what did Allyson do in front of about 500 people?.. she leans forward and smacks her head on the microphone. This was mortifying.. I tried to play it off. BUT, I smacked it so hard that the microphone echoed a boom through the whole auditorium.. As much as I wanted to cry my little fourth grade self laughed. I laughed at myself more than anyone else could. Lesson: before you bow, you should always see if there is anything close in proximity of your forehead.

2. The Time I Ripped My Pants

I have always been involved in cheerleading. My neighbors were a lot younger than I was, I used to love teaching them things I was learning. I started teaching the kids how to tumble! I would always spot them. Even to the point that they actually learned the skills! Well one day a bunch of the kids in our neighborhood were in one of our backyards. I was spotting the kids on tumbling. As I bent I ripped my hollister pants right down the butt( common occurrence back in the day)! I pulled down my shirt and ran home instantly! Lesson:  If you don’t laugh at yourself, you won’t survive, because embarrassment can eat you alive!

3. The Time I Took A Picture Of A Backwards Sign

In 2009 I went to the Cheerleading Worlds with my best friend. We were so excited that we were there! With my brand new camera, we were taking pictures of EVERYTHING. Aboard the magical express, about 9 at night, it was very dark. The driver was telling us to look out the window for certain land marks and we were amazed. The competition was taking place at the wide world of sports and I was excited to snap a picture! Everyone on the bus was for that matter.

As I am snapping a picture out of my window my best friend points to the opposite window. She yells, ” Allyson, what are you taking a picture of, the wide world of sports is on that side.” It was not until that moment that I realized I was taking a picture of the reflection… The words were completely backwards and I hadn’t even noticed.  Everyone on the bus with us laughed at me. I wanted to curl in a ball I was so embarrassed. Instead of getting upset I laughed.. If you haven’t noticed, getting through regrets all comes down to the lightheartedness you have towards the situations. Every time I almost have a regret I laugh. I always point out my own mistakes. Lesson: If a sign is backwards.. you’re probably not looking out the right window.

4. The Wet Floor Sign

I was walking through the airport, I was so excited to surprise my best friend for her birthday. It was about 6:00 in the morning and I was rushing to catch my connecting flight. As I was fast walking to my new gate, I was looking at my snapchat and not paying any attention. All of a sudden my feet lost contact with the floor and the next thing I knew I was sitting in water. As I fell a group of marines came to help me up, mortified I told them I was fine and to please leave me alone.

Next thing I knew there was an old couple approaching being me I told them to be careful because the floor was wet, the old woman kindly told me, ” Well duh honey, thats why there is a wet floor sign.” With my eyes glued to the ground and my face as red as a cherry I walked to the bathroom went into a stall and laughed. I laughed until I was crying, I was so disappointed that I wasn’t with someone that could laugh with me. Lesson learned: Don’t text and walk.

5. The Most Embarrassing Incident Of All

This one is the most embarrassing of all of the embarrassing moments. I was driving home from my hair appointment, and there was an old couple that lived on the corner of my street. The old man was laying on the ground next to his car, with so much urgency I ran home and made my mom call 911. I zoomed back down the street to start administering CPR to the man who was laying on the ground, only to find out that he was just fixing his car.

Mortified I rushed back home to tell my mom to cancel the 911 call. All of a sudden here comes two cop cars to his rescue and he was so confused, the cops then came down to my house and I had to explain what I did. I didn’t even want to come outside when they got there. But instead of hiding and avoiding the situation, I laughed it off and so did everyone else. At that time I couldn’t regret calling the police, because if he was really in trouble I would have known I tried my hardest to help him! Lesson learned: Check on the person you think is unconscious before you call 911.

All of these instances didn’t seem incredibly funny when they happened, I was actually very embarrassed for most of these moments in my life, but to me they make for great stories and life lessons. This was a silly post and I revealed a lot of embarrassing things about me, but it was all to show my readers how important it is to laugh it out and move past your regrets because dwelling on them is pointless!

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