Perfectly Posh: Skin Brand Review

Over the past few years, I have struggled with make up because I have sensitive skin.I have been scared to use it due to fear of a reaction. LUCKILY, it has become a trend for everyone to care about their makeup being free of everything! For me, this is great because I am no longer having reactions to make up. It seems be localized to certain brands, which is awesome for my face! As we all know, more make up means more skincare. Over the past year, I have been very obsessed with my skin. I have been masking and trying anything that says it will do something to make my face look better.

In the beginning, I was a ridiculously gullible human being. I convinced myself that things are working just because the sales woman told me they would. Dumb. They are all just trying to make a sale for the most part. The only true way to know if something is working for your skin is by trial and error. I recently learned about the skincare line called Perfectly Posh. I have a friend that sells for this company. Even though I love her and think she is a very honest person, this is her income. I thought there had to be some exaggerations to her claims of how amazing this company’s products are.


This company makes amazing skin care! I decided that I would order a bunch of stuff so that Emily and I could test it out and see if the brand is worth it! When I ordered, my friend Sam, sent us a huge bag full of samples to test out as well! This is not a sponsored post, I did get some free samples, but most products were purchased on our own! My friend has asked for honest reviews!


  1. Emily didn’t get a chance to try out this product to the full extent, but this is my number one favorite! Zit Zapper ($16), comes in a squeeze tube. You take a dot and put it on your breakouts and it treats the area! The first time I used it was before heading to bed, after my Cackle Spackle. (We’re getting there :P). I couldn’t tell what did it, but while I was sleeping magic was happening! At night I had multiple pimples and by morning they were GONE. I couldn’t believe it! Some imperfections take longer to clear than others, but all in all this product really works! The only con I will say about this product, is that when you use it on blackheads it does bring them to the surface. It looks like your spots are worse, but they are actually coming out from under the skin! I have a few areas where I have stubborn blackheads, that never move, but this is really clearing them up.

           Our Mutual Skin Faves

  2. We loved the Gender Bender Chunk ($9)! This was one of the samples we received from our friend and it is amazing! This charcoal bar of soap takes away impurities so well that it picks up sharpie. (There is video proof on Emily’s vlog channel, which is linked in this blog post!) This bar is comparable to Lush’s Coal Face charcoal bar! However, the Perfectly Posh Chunk is 3 times less expensive!
  3. Next we are obsessed with the Cackle Spackle ($19). This mask instantly felt as if it was working! To us, the best masks feel minty and tingly while using them, it really makes us think that the products are actually working. This mask is said to be comparable to the GlamGlow Super Mud.

However, it is fifty dollars more expensive, and has .3 oz less than the Cackle Spackle! After I used this mask my face felt amazing, and so squeaky-clean! Emily, an avid user of the Glam Glow Super Mud, says “ it was very comparable, my face felt super clean and like every impurity had been sucked from my pores!”

  1. The Lemon Wedgie ($14) lip scrub is amazing, it exfoliates my lips completely and makes them so soft. The taste of it is really good, and even though it says to remove the excess, I like to leave the oil on my lips at night, as a lip treatment. It is making my lips really smooth! Emily liked the product and the way it made her lips feel, however, she didn’t love the taste of it. She thinks the lemon flavor is too strong. Emily did love the easy application due to the packaging being a squeezy tube and not a pot like most other scrubs.

    Emily and I will actually be cutting the bar in half so we can share it!

  2. Hey Bae Snarky Bar ($16) okay so of all of the items we have tried, this smelled the best. This bar is an exfoliating bar and it smells amazing. We literally couldn’t stop smelling it! I was pleasantly surprised when I received this, I thought it would be a tiny bar, similar to the size of normal soap, but it turns out that this bar is huge and I am so happy with this purchase!

Emily and I agree on most things but in this case there was one product that we had serious mixed reviews about!

  1. Just Chillin’ ($24) this product is a cooling stick, it could be used for puffiness as well as muscle pain. I have a bad back so I was excited to use it on my back, however, I found that the product didn’t seem to stay cold on your back for more than a couple seconds. The only time I really got a good use of this I had to PILE it on really thick and it just felt heavy on the skin. The consistency is very oily so I didn’t like the idea of putting it on my face for my bags, which is what I did want to try. The smell is really good though it smells like peppermint gum. Emily liked that she could use the applicator to massage the product into her muscles. She also liked that she felt an instant relief and cooling effect. The packaging is so nice, and she will definitely be purchasing this product in the future.


This is the hard part, here is the truth about the products I was not crazy about!

  1. The Stripper ($24) this is a detoxifying body mud, and I don’t think it will stay on my miss list for a long time. I don’t really think I gave it a fair shot. The reason it is on this end of the list is that I couldn’t really figure out how it works, it was hard to put on and really messy, I didn’t want to use too much but also wanted it to make a difference so I have to try this guy again and see if I can use it more effectively! But, I have heard that this is a great product, we shall see!
  2. I have to put Good Hydrations ($20) on this list I was really excited to use this sample actually, but I couldn’t really stand the smell, it reminded me of a Christmas tree. As I started putting it on I immediately regretted it and had to use my Blacklisted Sugar Scrub ($24) which actually smells amazing!
  3. Sugar Mama! Body Scrub ($17) I could not stand this product. The smell of this one immediately gave me a headache! I don’t know what it is about it! I have a super sensitivity to honey, so I figured that was why I didn’t like it but my sister and Emily said that they didn’t like the smell either. So I really have to pass on this one! I did really like the Black Listed Body Scrub ($24) so I am not mad at their scrubs, just the scent of this one in general!


My final thoughts

After trying out these products, the hype is well deserved! There was some speculation on our part prior to testing these products. After actually using them on our own skin, we feel that this is an amazing company. Perfectly Posh came out with a new catalog and we are already online set to pick our next products! Don’t forget to check out our video on Emily’s channel if you would like to see our review first hand, and SUBSCRIBE to her channel, I will be making many more appearances in the near future. We have some EXCITING projects coming at you! Don’t forget to follow my blog before you leave so you don’t miss out on my new articles! Below I am attaching the link for my friend Sam’s Perfectly Posh Facebook page for you to join and get updates on the posh products!

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