Full Review On Lancer Skin Products: The Method

I am an avid cheapskate, always interested in the best deals I can possibly find. When I find something for the ultimate steal AKA fo’ free ninety nine I JUMP ON IT. Free samples are gold to me, I am a Sephora VIB just so I can get freebies.. I will spend 50 bucks on something just to get a “free” deluxe sample.. If the sample is skincare, forget about it, there is no stopping me. This is a character defect of mine; I am a marketing departments dream. I am the person they talk about in those big fancy office meetings.


Because of my freebie addiction I joined a company called Influenster. Basically this company sends its members boxes of free products to test and review on their social platforms. It’s basically free marketing, HOW SMART!? I love getting these boxes, its like Christmas when I receive one. However, I have only ever received lower end boxes. The company sends some boxes that contain hundreds of dollars worth of things and I have never been lucky enough to get one. Until now.

After months of participating, I finally received an expensive box! Of course at first I had no idea it was expensive. The brand is so expensive that I would never buy the stuff on my own. The box was described as a ‘Luxury skincare box.” When I saw the brand name I had to look it up.

My First Luxury Box!

I was getting a box of skincare items that totaled 135 dollars, as well as another free gift. I was so excited for it to come, as you learned in my posh review, skincare is my JAM. As soon as my box was delivered to my house I ripped it open and started reading the instructions. I was instructed to take a picture the first day and then another 14 days later to show my results.

“The Method”:



The first step in “The Method” was to exfoliate; the exfoliator was the best one I have ever used. The scrub didn’t contain few thick pieces; it instead contained a lot of small pieces. Most exfoliators I use have bead like substances in them these instead were more sand like. As soon as my face was clean from the exfoliator it already felt silky smooth. I am talking velvet, my face felt like velvet. It was like when the guy at the mall would stop you to buff out your nail. All of a sudden it shined like there was clear nail polish on it. That was my face. I did notice that the recommended 2 times a day with this exfoliator was far too harsh on my sensitive skin, but if I used it once every other day my skin was amazing.



Step two was to wash your face with the cleanser. I am someone that needs some reaction in my cleanser. I like it to be minty like Origins checks and balances, or gritty like Lush angels on bare skin. This cleanser was like the consistency of dial soap. I was not excited about it, but for some reason it worked. The two together made my face feel so clean. The formula is supposed to level out the Ph level of your skin. I can’t say I have complaints about this product. However, I can’t say it did a lot on its own because I used it as part of a three-step process.



This stuff was awesome. Step three was a moisturizer. This moisturizer was awesome because it was a hydrating moisturizer. It made my skin so healthy and took away my dry spots. This is the first moisturizer I have ever used with hyaluronic acid in it to make your face smooth and hydrated without causing you to breaking out. I usually find that if I use a lotion moisturizer rather than gel I tend to get breakouts, but, with this moisturizer I can use it day and night and my face stays clear.


Eye Cream

            Along with my box of ridiculously expensive skin care items, Influensteer sent me a special gift. Totally unnecessary, but incredibly appreciated! WARNING: I am about to sound like such an exaggerator. THIS STUFF IS AMAZING.    I used this stuff every single day when I used the moisturizer and the bags under my eyes somehow are decreasing! I have had bags my whole entire life. As a kid I always had dark circles “raccoon eyes” if you will. Believe it or not, this stuff is seriously making them brighten up and my lines go away! Once I looked it up to purchase more, I realized that it BETTER work. The eye cream alone is on sale from $95.00 to $80.75 on the Lancer website!

Final Thoughts

            All in all I am so thankful for receiving this box and will probably be purchasing some of these products. I will give my face some time to get used to my less luxurious face products. If there is a major difference you will be able to donate on my GoFundMe to afford my products. Be on the look out :P. Thanks for reading and if nothing else, go to Sephora and get you a free sample because this stuff is the real deal! ***I just found out today that they offer “The Method” for Sensitive Skin! Happy skincare hunting!

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