20 Reasons Being An Aunt Is The Best Deal Ever

I get the super cool honor of waking up and being an aunt everyday. I have been enlisted in this job since 2014. I have a three year old nephew and a one year old niece (also my god daughter). I constantly tell everyone how amazing it is to be an aunt. It is the best gift anyone has ever given me. So I have compiled together a list of all the reasons I love being an aunt! I’m sure you will find some humor and comfort in this post if you have a niece or nephew of your own! Family is so important to me and being an aunt, I have so many more advantages in life each day!

Being An Aunt Rocks Because:

  1. When they turn into monsters we get to hand them off
  2. We get to dress them like it’s NYFW                                  
  3. We get to execute our wildest Pinterest dreams
  4. We get to spoil them rotten
  5. Snuggles and Kisses are a right not a privilege
  6. When we want to try the newest toy we have and excuse to buy it
  7. Free pass to lay down in bed and watch movies
  8. We experience parenthood without all of the responsibilities
  9. Acting like a kid is acceptable                                           
  10. Someone besides yourself finds you cool
  11. We get cute cards and pictures
  12. Kids have no problem telling you like it is
  13. We get an opportunity to relive our childhood
  14. Children provide hours of free entertainment                 
  15. We have the opportunity to re read all of our favorite kids books
  16. A built in excuse to watch cartoons and Disney movies in our late 20s
  17. Changing a diaper is optional (when mom and dad are around)
  18. Constant compliments when we go out in public
  19. Seeing the excitement when we are noticed
  20. A lifetime of love from this tiny little person who holds your heart

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