Get Over A Break-Up In One Car Ride

We have all been there. A Break-up. You invest your love and time into someone and then you find out that the person was a complete waste of time. Not to mention they would do their best rendition of “Stomp” all over your heart at the drop of a hat. This can make you feel as though your earth is caving in. You feel like you’ll never get through it. In my personal experience there is nothing that can pull you out of the trenches better than a bad A playlist. Music can omit so many emotions from us. When you put on a song that has you feeling your oats it can set you up for success. A sassy song has the ability to remind you that you are a baddie. Here’s a friendly reminder: If Britney got through ’07 you will get through this break up!

The Break-Up Playlist

  1. Sorry Not Sorry- Demi Lovato
  2. Stone Cold- Demi Lovato
  3. Use Your Love- Katy Perry
  4. Before He Cheats- Carrie Underwood
  5. Goodbye- Kristinia DeBarge
  6. Breaking Point- Keri Hilson
  7. Kerosene- Miranda Lambert
  8. Ridin’ Solo – Jason DeRulo
  9. You Oughta Know- Alanis Morissette
  10. Bust Your Windows- Jazmine Sullivan
  11. Single Again- Trina
  12. It’s Not Right But It’s Okay- Whitney Houston
  13. U + Ur Hand- P!nk
  14. Better Man- Little Big Town
  15. Single Ladies- Beyonce
  16. The More Boys I Meet – Carrie Underwood
  17. So What – Pink
  18. I’m Out – Ciara
  19. No Scrubs – TLC
  20. If I Never See Your Face Again – Maroon 5
  21. The Other Chick- Jojo (Not on the playlist but you can get it on YouTube!)


Take this playlist; jam it in your car. Feel empowered and take on the world boys and girls! Don’t let anyone take up space in your brain without paying rent. In the words of someone who made a viral meme I saw on Facebook, “ If Jennifer Aniston can get over BRAD PITT you can definitely get over this break-up! ” And by the way, this playlist has been tested multiple times. It definitely works. If this article is for you, check out this one next.


  1. candy says:

    Interesting play list for a break up. Some of my friends might have a whole list of dead and die songs for awhile. Jam on!

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