TJ Maxx Haul, $1,000 worth of products!

I don’t know about you, but nothing makes me realize what I am missing from my life like a walk through the aisles of TJ Maxx or Marshall’s. There is just something about a bargain that I physically am incapable of passing up. That being said, when Emily and I noticed the trend on youtube of TJ Maxx and Marshalls hauls, we decided to jump right on the bandwagon. We were excited to show off some of our proudest finds as well as hit up the stores a few more times to find more info on the stores themselves. So here is the inside scoop and the finds that we were lucky enough to snag in our local and not so local stores!

Marshall’s VS TJ Maxx

Personally I found most of my awesome steals at TJ Maxx. Anytime I ventured over to Marshalls I never really found anything exciting. However, Emily, on the other hand found almost all of her exciting buys at Marshalls. We are not positive but believe there COULD be a correlation between the areas we live in. I live in the northern part of the Austin area and in those stores I found TJ Maxx to be the far superior place to visit. Emily lives in the southern part of Austin and we seem to think that maybe Marshalls is just more of a hit there. This can’t be confirmed or denied for real, but this is just how we personally feel about the stores. We did both find items in both stores, just had better luck at different places.

Inside Scoop On The Stores

1. The stores get shipments everyday except for Sundays.
2. Wednesdays are usually the days with the biggest shipments
3. Wednesday mornings are when items are placed on clearance which means that if you go early on a Wednesday morning you will be the first one to grab the items at the cheapest price!
4. These stores don’t always sell the items just because they are damaged or out of season. The stores purchase in bulk just like Macy’s, Nordstrom, and all the other department stores they just sell them cheaper.

Our Deals And Steals

After doing the math Emily and I collectively bought a little under $1,000 worth of products from these two stores. But all together I believe we only spent about $350 which means that our savings amount to just under $650. If that isn’t worth it, I don’t know what is! We purchased many high end products that we are so proud of! Personally my favorite steal was my $60 Kevin Aucoin primer that I got for only $20. We also both purchased a foundation from Marc Jacobs that totals about 68 dollars retail and we paid 13 dollars for. I know Emily’s prized purchase is a skincare item that is worth more than one hundred dollars and she paid barely anything for it. We have purchased items from:

  • Bite Beauty
  • Too Faced
  • Marc Jacobs
  • Kat Von D
  • Mac
  • Glam Glow
  • Estee Lauder
  • Kevin Aucoin
  • Make Up Forever
  • St. Tropez
  • And Many Others

Moving Forward

Moving forward, I will continue to buy my items at steal prices, but Emily and I are interested in helping all of you do the same! We completely understand that owning luxury items or even just nice items in general can be hard to do when you are living life on a budget, this is why we have decided to come together and create a new series together called Luxuriously Broke! We have created an instagram to follow where we will be posting all of the deals and steals we find so that you can have them as well!! Please check out our video on Emily’s channel! Don’t forget to subscribe to her!! To kick off our series we will be doing a huge giveaway with some of our finds. We are so excited and good luck!!! If you loved the adventures of Allyson and Emily and would love to read more, here is our last collaboration!

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