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Born in New Jersey, I have have pretty much been around obnoxious, sarcastic, a holes my whole life. When I was twenty my whole family moved to Austin, Texas and I feel like every day spent here, makes me a little bit more calm. I have been involved in cheerleading my whole entire life.. So, SPOILER ALERT: There will be articles about cheerleading. I have always enjoyed writing, and of course letting people know my opinions on every single subject, so this whole blogging thing just sort of fell into my lap! I am in school for graphic design and I love using computers so bare with me, I will be playing with a bunch of design aspects on this blog! My best friends are over 1,000 miles from me, so I am pretty much a loner. If you would like to know anymore, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment, I am new to this and I accept all feedback positive and negative with open arms!